Tina Kato Rohde

I had wonderful parents. My early childhood memories were of vacations spent wandering streams and rivers in California, Oregon and Washington as dad would hunt for the sweetest fishing spot while mom and the three of us kids would wander up and downstream. With buckets we would catch frogs and pollywogs that swam in the drifting moss and there would be endless searches for the most beautiful stones of agate or petrified wood or fools gold. We’d take our finds home, packed into the cutest red and white now retro camper, towed by our 8 cylinder Ford behemoth of a car. Along the way we’d stop at vistas to revel in a fiery sunset or to gaze at a velvety black sky strewn with sparkling astral gems. Once home we’d watch the transformation of tadpoles into tiny frogs that would then find refuge in the goldfish pond dad and mom had made themselves in the back yard of our 3 bedroom ranch home. It was idyllic.

I can almost taste and smell these memories like it was yesterday. They play like the 8mm films my dad captured year after year. They resonate to my core and are as bright as a crisp apple. We had our “moments”, as all families do. But, the larger reality was this intangible gift planted deep in my siblings and me: a deep love of nature, beauty and the eyes to see it.

I understand now that my parents are with me every day as I work with my camera and lights. As I style a photo, or paint or knit or do home improvements, I recognize that they created the space in me to appreciate, seek and create beauty. Thanks Mom. Thanks, Dad. 

Today their gift to me finds expression in capturing images of precious stones and metals, the glint of light in a facet, the hue of a stone. And increasingly, portraits of people. Capturing facial expressions and gestures that tell a nuanced human story of beauty beyond words. Admittedly, the journey's been long and sporadic, but I've come full circle and I feel lucky. I've come back to the beginning where wonder and delight can pair with a visual medium told from a personal perspective. This is one mysterious, fascinating life. 

Thank you for stopping. Please contact me if you need images or wish to toss ideas around for a potential project. Let's make your vision personal and accessible. 

Peace, cheer, wonder and delight to you.